Culture. It’s the little things.

It’s the little things that show off a team culture. Yesterday after our weekly Wizeline UX team meeting, one of our UXers sent out the best recap email ever. What are the little things that make your team’s culture?

:: Props to Isaac Valdez for this great email recap ::

What uuuup 🎶 Team,

If you were unable to attend the weekly UX team meeting, here’s a recap.

+++ Win, win win! and a fuck-up…

  • Arturo is in Colima (his hometown) and will give a talk on how to apply design thinking to your (messy) life.
  • Elba is also going to her hometown, Queretaro, to give a talk at TEC de Monterrey about entrepreneurial culture for Technovation. 🐑
  • A project team begged Rebeka (her words) to conduct a UX Workshop because they love her and love UX and also because they want to plan the new features for the new project.
  • One of Javi’s mentees reached out (stalked him) through Facebook to tell him that he is now applying to Oracle and other tech companies thanks to Javi’s encouragement.
  • Because there were too many wins and it’s the UX managers obligation to maintain balance, Joel decided to throw his car into one of the parking lot’s dark holes. 🕳️🚗

+++ On the next episode of UX life…

  • Noemi is joining the team! Make sure to make her feel welcome. Elba will be her first-day-bestie (also known as buddy). 👯‍♀️
  • Luke not-Skywalker is interviewing with our team. COME TO TOMORROW’S LUNCH and together we can lure him into the most charming and best dressed team at Wizeline.
  • UX Sessions is a big boy/girl and as such, he/she is going to the big city: Mexico City.
  • “Navigating Future(s) Thinking” is happening next Wednesday, that is February 28th. For questions, comments and free prizes (not) contact Aditi.

Ooookay, almost there, 🐻 with 🕺🏿 (bear with me).

+++ From Proto-Personas to Personas

This week Aditi talked about moving from proto-personas to personas. She told us about how she went all ninja and joined interviews as a shadow and the results and insights she got from the whole process.

She also shared how most of the initial assumptions she had were wrong and how hard that was. But this is UX life and so she kept working and changed the whole team perspective on what clients are looking for in bots. She also created one of the most engaging presentations we have had during a UX team meeting.

We loved today’s engagement! Great questions, comments and discussion points. The purpose of presentations is a range of things; learning something new; ask questions; challenge ideas; provoke thought. If we run out of time, that’s fine!

+++ Finally (almost)

You can read more about behavioral and demographic variables on Alan Cooper’s About Face, page 61 here:

And don’t forget:

+++Healthy Habits:

  • Give a Kudos and show some love to team members who have been helpful 👍
  • Leave a feedback or suggestion 💬💡
  • Nominate a Wizeliner for an Awesome Award 🏆

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