Productizing Experience: My First Week at P.S

Coming from a career of Silicon Valley tech start-ups, I had an encouraging first week at Publicis Sapient, who helps global end-ups think like start-ups via digital business transformation. Of course there were some operational surprises for me, such as using Microsoft Outlook and Teams instead of G-Suite and Slack and having to fill in a weekly timecard. However, I found myself greatly encouraged by what I saw and heard in week 1: the productization of Experience at PS.

The Hypothesis of Experience

The week before I joined, I collaborated with our Chief Experience Officer John Maeda on Publicis Sapient’s take on CX: LEAD. Our hypothesis is that there are four ingredients to a great CX that are needed for an end-to-end Experience to succeed: Light, Ethical, Accessible and Dataful.

Validating the Ingredients

During week 1, I joined John in his presentation of Experience and the LEAD ingredients to the management consultant team. He previously had this talk with the industry vertical leads. Both the vertical leads and management consultants helped validate the need for Experience’s four ingredients to be aligned with the four pillars of cross-functional teams needed for our client’s digital business transformation: consultants/strategy, product, design and engineering. It also brought up great ideas to further validate: is LEAD a way to “scorecard” a client’s business offering? Or a way to quickly add the most value to a client by bringing in the ingredients they lack? How do each of the ingredients get voiced through PS’s values?

A Framework for One (and All)

LEAD kept evolving later in the week at an offsite with the Creative Leadership team from Publicis Groupe, which included representation from companies that make up The Power of One. Could we evolve LEAD into a framework that creates the common understanding of the value of Experience within Publicis Groupe? How could LEAD be translated to be actionable for the creatives coming from the more traditional agency world?


LEAD as a framework has started to get picked up by various PS team members worldwide to be discussed and experimented upon in their daily work and thought processes. Cassandra Kelsall, our Head of Experience in Sydney, shared with her local team and created definitions of each ingredient. Her definition of dataful:

Informed insight creates relevant experiences, then experimentation and agility make it best. Learn how to learn, then iterate for experience distinction.

And that’s how we will productize how PS LEAD’s with Experience – experimenting with various regions, roles and verticals, learning what works best, and creating measurable impact across our industry verticals. My role as Experience Transformation Lead is to be the product manager of this Experience transformation at PS. With product management, we approach transformation as a product problem to be driven by quantitative data, qualitative data, and iteration, to ensure the repeatability of our product — Experience.

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