Virtual Kid Happy Hour during COVID-19

A common theme from parental colleagues during this initial phase of distributed work from home are curious kids popping into video calls wanting to see mom or dad’s “work.” Remembering when I was young and wanting to see my parents workplace and colleagues, I took charge of that childhood curiosity and invited “the kids of X” to a virtual happy hour to co-create something.

Two senior associate designers brainstormed with me to create something engaging for kids of all ages and all energy levels across the North America timezone. We set up Invision Freehand as a themed “zoo” as a group drawing activity for team members and kids alike.

Our virtual kid happy hour broke Freehand with 38+ kids after 25 mins (the app crashed and wiped out the board). It was a fun way to get the team’s families involved while WFH and brought a lot of joy. Give it a try to bring a new frame to inclusivity in your team happy hours.

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