Zoom and BLM Protests – Q2 2020

Interview with me begins 19:47

Some key quotes from my interview on BBC Radio 5’s Wake Up Money program below.

“Zoom is living the Silicon Valley dream. At only 9 years old, they’re not purchased or affiliated with any large organisation like Microsoft, Cisco or Google, and they have the freedom to continue to innovate and not be locked down by heavy systems. Zoom lives on its own and its easy for every user to download and utilise simply”

“Zoom must continue to innovate to help people collaborate and to have that community feel despite the (work) distribution of people in the future”

“The world of work has changed and we will, at least in part, be home working going forwards. However, I think a lot of people are still looking forward to those water cooler moments but overall, being able to have that flexibility is a huge advantage. For example, for women in leadership. Women drop out of the workforce because they have families and so working from home allows a lot more of that flexibility”.

The show also touched on the current protests taking place in the US, and worldwide.

“I want to strongly reiterate that protests here are starting peacefully. The intent begins well. All the good intentions are here to move the Black community forward.”