ServiceNow is emerging as a cloud-software superpower

ServiceNow’s “inside-out” technology to solving enterprise problems is a “user-friendly” approach to automate operations to cut costs and improve workflow during tough economic times, Wendy Johansson, global vice president of digital business transformation company Publicis Sapient, told MarketWatch.

Market Watch, December 2, 2020

Service Now takes an inside out approach to solving enterprise problems with their portfolio of tools and their advancement into automation with an acquihire of Element AI. With the feel of legacy software for users, Service Now is skipping the user experience piece of the journey and jumping straight into automation and efficiency of workflow, which can prove to be high value during a tough economy for many businesses looking to automate to save cost.

Salesforce’s acquisition of Slack continues to reinforce Salesforce’s dominance as a modern tech stack from the a more innovative perspective. While Slack’s lack of revolutionizing anything were a disappointment since their IPO, the integration of Slack into Salesforce’s portfolio during a time of remote work can be a bright spot for Slack to redefine ways of collaboration and communication as part of Salesforce’s stack.