Apple bets on £99 HomePod Mini to revive its smart speaker fortunes

Combine the HomePod Mini with Apple’s music streaming service as well as its new Intercom home messaging service and Apple now has an opportunity to “own your home”, says Wendy Johansson, a vice president at Publicis Sapient.Their ease in connecting the home ecosystem with HomePod Mini and Intercom could be a bump for households to … Continue reading Apple bets on £99 HomePod Mini to revive its smart speaker fortunes

Venmo’s New Credit Card Puts QR Codes Front and Center

That attempt to deliver digital dopamine hits, coupled with a rewards system that encourages spending on categories including dining-and-nightlife and health-and-beauty, will make it easier for millennials and Generation Z to spend money during an economic downturn, said Wendy Johansson, global vice president of experience at digital agency Publicis Sapient.“Which is smart, but it’s ethically … Continue reading Venmo’s New Credit Card Puts QR Codes Front and Center

Peloton earnings – Q3 2020

Wendy Johansson On Peloton's (PTON) Recently Unveiled New Product Offerings - TD Ameritrade Network Peloton didn’t just make a fitness bike. Instead they created a highly engaging experience and an inclusive community that appreciates quality UX × fitness. Original commentary to press: While Peloton saw a lift in sales from COVID-19's closing of gyms, the inspiration behind their success … Continue reading Peloton earnings – Q3 2020

Zoom and BLM Protests – Q2 2020 Interview with me begins 19:47 Some key quotes from my interview on BBC Radio 5's Wake Up Money program below. “Zoom is living the Silicon Valley dream. At only 9 years old, they’re not purchased or affiliated with any large organisation like Microsoft, Cisco or Google, and they have the freedom to continue to innovate … Continue reading Zoom and BLM Protests – Q2 2020

Netflix – Q2 2020

Read article on Market Watch Netflix has created a "virtual, cultural norm" that is especially resonating with consumers during this time of crisis, Wendy Johansson, vice president of experience at digital consultancy Publicis Sapient, told MarketWatch in a phone interview. "It is in the sweet spot of technology, user experience, and content."

Anxiety Party

Supporting team members during COVID-19 work from home is a new situation for many leaders. Not all team members are feeling like bringing their "happy" to virtual happy hours because they're having a tough time: less barrier between work and personal life means longer hours, no disconnecting, less serendipitous connection between colleagues — all while … Continue reading Anxiety Party